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a photograph of markus hilbert, doctor of audiology

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D. is a Doctor of Audiology and has serviced the Fort McMurray population since 2012. He first came to Fort McMurray to restart the Hospital’s Audiology program, and then provided augmentative audiology care privately while phasing out at the hospital. After that, he provided care with Waves Hearing. After the Fort McMurray Fires in 2016, Ossicle Hearing took over the Fort McMurray operations with Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. continuing to provide ongoing care to the people of Fort McMurray and surrounding area. He moved to Fort McMurray with Rachel Mraz wife and partner in all things, and the full time clinic is open now!

Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D. brings 25 years of private practice experience, has written articles and given presentations on standards of practice, practice management and online marketing and runs several initiatives in the audiology profession.  

In private practice Dr. Hilbert provides specialty  testing for work purposes as well as diagnostic testing related to hearing loss, auditory processing and tinnitus.  Hearing aids are provided as well for all third parties (NIHB, DVA, AADL, WCB etc).

The old Google site has given way to the new Google listing. Throughout the evolution of audiology services from the beginnings in 2012, the integrity of care and service remains and is stronger now that we’re full time!

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