What We Believe

We believe in better quality in every detail for a better price. We believe in holistic care meaning that we consider all aspects of your hearing health and how a change in hearing may affect your overall wellbeing, social life, work and play. We resolve challenges to life rooted in hearing challenges, and go beyond identifying a hearing loss and fitting hearing aids. We are a hearing clinic doing all things related to hearing and a deep appreciation of sound, and part of our holistic care is an interdisciplinarian approach involving Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Coaching and Counselling for Tinnitus sufferers and children with hearing loss or auditory processing challenges and their families. We do this to a higher degree going deeper instead of glossing over issues, and our Doctor of Audiology has the highest degree in the field with extensive experience to provide optimal care.

We believe that our expertise allows us to provide more care options to you meaning you are able to choose from a greater selection of treatments to meet your needs and resolve your particular issue. You and your special someones get to experience all steps of the testing and treatment process in ways you’ve never been able to before in an environment that caters to comfort and relaxation. We focus on education and guide you through the process so you are an integral part of the treatment planning and fulfillment. None of this matters without empathy for the patient, the family and their unique needs. This is why we are a family-centred care facility using evidence-based family involvement. We endeavour to show our empathy every step of the way.


We believe that accountability is key. We track your treatment outcomes and have transparency in pricing so you get only the products and services you need and never over-pay. We believe that accessibility from front door parking to walk-in service is key. We are here for you and will make ourselves available to be on this journey to better hearing at every stage. We believe that all diagnostics and treatment solutions should be accessible and not limited to selling a hearing aid. We believe in affordability by introducing fair pricing that is unbundled, where you see what you’re paying for including discounts that we pass on so hearing aids are under manufacturer list price - under what we are paying for them from our suppliers. We believe in affordability tools such as financing, rentals and loyalty points so join our EarMiles! Ultimately, we are advocates for our patients. We advocate in the community with hearing health information seminars and consumer advocacy presentations and initiatives for kids and adults. We will find patients the funding they are entitled to, seek coverages and concierge the process of finding the best solutions for our patients. We will advocate for you!

We respect hearing - we check our eyes and teeth but often neglect our ears; we often wait until the hearing change is affecting us so adversely that we have to get something done instead of regular baseline testing to ensure wellness as we age. We believe in retraining the brain to optimize technology beyond adaptation to restore function in all areas of your life.

We believe that better and more comprehensive testing, more treatment options, and the best in technology and accessories is how we can provide you with the best hearing and sound experience despite your particular challenges.

We are Ossicle. We love hearing. We celebrate sound. Let us be your bridge to better hearing.

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