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We provide Synergy Sound Therapy. Using the latest neuroscience technology, Sound Therapy is transforming people’s lives to live more of their potential.

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program which enhances ear and brain function. It uses spectrally altered (filtered) sounds to enhance neural plasticity and brain integration. It is based on the proven science that music can be used to stimulate new brain pathways. The program has evolved over 70 years of development by pioneering scientists in the fields of medicine, psychology and music therapy.

Many studies have shown that music can have a dramatic influence on the autonomic nervous system. This system has been associated with the emotional responses related to the perception of tinnitus. Music has been noted to decrease the negative effects that stress can have on the tissues of the body. Dr. Segal can discuss the various options available in terms of the different forms of music that can assist in these areas.

Sound Therapy is a unique listening system utilizing some interesting knowledge about the brain. This system is available to those experiencing tinnitus as well as other related difficulties. This therapy was developed by Patricia Joudry and her daughter Rafaele Joudry. This is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French Ear Nose and Throat Physician, who was  a pioneer in the the area of occupational noise. Tomatis spent over 50 years studying general health and how sound affects the ear. His work found that listening difficulties are the source of many learning problems. Almost everyone is exposed to city and industrial types of noises. This also includes loud music. As this happens, people tend to lose their hearing in the higher frequencies first. According to Dr. Tomatis, these higher frequencies are critical to energizing the brain.

Sound therapy, listening to specially recorded, gradually introduced, highly filtered classical music, has been reported to help those with stress, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, ADD/ADHD, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, epilepsy, stuttering, dyslexia, Autism/Asperger’s and hearing loss, as well as difficulties in behavior, listening, concentration, and creative expression. It can be easily used while going about your daily activities. Initially developed as cassette tapes and CDs, they are now are available using a small portable player.

How is this possible? The idea behind this is that the brain is continuously changing its structures by creating new connections that improve its efficiency and order. The organized structure of classical music with the added enhancements through Dr. Tomatis’ work has been found to be a very efficient way to improve the brain and its function. As the brain responds to the enhanced music, the motor pathways retrain and recharge the muscles of the middle ear. This results in higher frequencies reaching the brain, providing improvement of these various functions related to the brain. To learn more, download the brochure from Sound Therapy Synergy.

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