Hearing Aid Overview

When prescribing a hearing aid system, we take into account style, technology, accessories, audiological needs, style, communication and acoustic needs and much more. There are many manufacturers and here’s an introduction to general technology levels as a starting point. 

Belong Technology

Hearing aid technology differs in how features are designed to reduce background noise and enhance speech to optimize the signal to noise ratio in challenging listening environments. The 4 levels of technology are described here, feature by feature. This is the Belong line, and there’s also a Venture line. 

Styles and Colours

Hearing aids are in the ear or over the ear based on how much occlusion or head echo can be expected based on the test results. Personal preference play a part as well. 


Toys that make the hearing aids your personal hearing system include bluetooth stereo/TV streamers, receivers, Roger enhancements and much more. 

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