Ossicle Virtual Clinic

We are open full time observing PPE guidelines and ensuring the safety and comfort of our patients providing all services at our new location in Thickwood at Westwood Plaza. 

The Virtual Clinic remains a carry-over from the COVID period of restricted services and remote care which will remain available post-COVID for those patients who wish to access us via these services or for those who may have a fever, cold-like symptoms or have travelled internationally within 2 weeks.

In our physical Thickwood clinic, we would do the test, consultation, and if you need hearing aids, a selection, fitting and follow up using PPE and ensuring your safety and the safety of our staff.

In our virtual online clinic, we offer free general consults, 3 online hearing screenings, and phone, video call or in-person selection of devices for patients:

1.  with approved claim applications from third parties such as WCB, DVA or NIHB

2.  wanting to go forward with purchasing devices based on tests already done

In either case, you’ll need a fitting/orientation, and an in-clinic follow up which can also be done remotely using the MyPhonak app or video call. Some fitting procedures such as Real Ear Measures can only be done in-office.

Here are the links to the virtual clinic services in order, and how they work:

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