Fitting Orientation

The fitting orientation is the consult appointment that is usually tied right into the fitting of the new devices, where we show you everything you need to know about your new devices. 

If you prefer to do this part remotely, then we will schedule a fitting orientation that will be done remotely by phone or video chat. Video calls will be better because then we can show you things that are hands on and walk you through the instructions about using, cleaning, and maintaining the devices you now have. A video call can be scheduled if you prefer, but in-person fittings with all the necessary PPEs is optimal. If you were fit with Marvel hearing aids, you’ll also need to download the myPhonak app and consider other Phonak apps as well.   

You’ll need to prepare for this remote call to give you the orientation you need. If you haven’t already, please:

1. download the myPhonak app

It would be easiest for you to be on a device other than the phone you want connected to your hearing aids for receiving phone calls and streaming audio and using the myPhonak remote control. We recommend that you use a tablet, iPad, or home computer. If you don’t have another device, don’t worry, we’ll work around that and guide you through the process step by step.

At the end of the Fitting Orientation, you will be asked to set up Remote Support and this is a process you’ll need to do after the appointment is done. Here is a remote support guide to help you with it.

Here are some links that will be useful to you during the Fitting Orientation.

Congratulations! Now you have selected, been fit with, and learned about your new hearing aids!

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