How’s your hearing? Online testing to find out

A hearing screening is a very basic, non-clinical test to get a general idea about your hearing ability.  Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted for Allied Health, we will see patients in-clinic with PPE (personal protective equipment) and other safety guidelines in place that are mandated by our regulatory body and government regulations.

Due to the 2020 Flood, our office is stillnot publicly accessible and hence we cannot do tests until we either obtain access to River City Centre or move our location to a new space altogether. All patients will be triaged according to urgency and first-come, first-served basis.

In the meantime, if you want to get a general idea about how well you can hear, we have 3 options for an online hearing test as preliminary screeners to establish the extent of your loss although these are not a diagnostic tests.

The idea is that if 3 different tests show a consistent result, we have a pretty good idea about your hearing ability or challenges.  We offer a free consult by phone, video call or in person to discuss this and recommend any further testing you may need and schedule you in for a complimentary full hearing evaluation if you’d like!

Screener 1


Our first online test is a screening to generally check your hearing ability and give you an idea of the kind of loss, if any, you may have.  If you’d like you can get a detailed report and send it to us. The test also emails us the general outcome without any identifying information except your email address. Click here to take Ossicle’s online hearing screening.

Screener 2


Once you’re done, come back here and take our next test.  This one is a bit different and let’s see how you do on this one in comparison. Take the Shoebox online screener here.  Please take a screenshot or print it out and share it with us in a free phone, video or in-person consult. You can print the page, and in the print dialog, select print to PDF. That file should have your results on it.

Screener 3


Now its time for a third one. The idea is that all the tests should come out with the same conclusion and recommendation. Once you’re done it will show you a graph. Again, please print or take a screenshot and share it with us in a free phone, video or in-person consult. You can print the page, and in the print dialog, select print to PDF. That file should have your results on it.

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