Let’s go virtual! Here’s what you need.


During the COVID-19 regulatory shut-down and now the aftermath of the 2020 Flood, we are going to provide as much access remotely as possible to keep in touch, solve your problems, answer your questions and provide our services no matter what life throws at us!

You’ll need some tools to do this. 

To do video consults, you’ll need the On-Call app. Its simple, easy, reliable and secure. 

To do Phonak Marvel hearing aid reprogramming, you’ll need to use the remote support feature in your MyPhonak app. Once it is set up, let us know so we can check for a notification in our system that you’re ready for us to connect remotely into your hearing aids to make adjustments and then we can book a time to “meet” with you in the comfort of wherever you are. You just need good, strong, reliable WIFI.

Click below for more information on both of these tools so you can be set up to connect with us! 

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