I can't thank you enough for caring about me as a person and not just a routine audiogram!

When I met with Dr. Hilbert, I expected to get the routine audiogram that I booked the appointment for. Instead, what I got was a comprehensive consultation that included not only the audiogram, but also a check-up on my hearing aid and a lengthy discussion regarding the details of my case.  The concerns that he raised prevented me from going through with an irreversible surgery on my ear that could have had adverse side-effects that would affect me for the rest of my life and wouldn't have even solved all of my hearing issues.  The passion that Dr. Hilbert has for ensuring his patients receive the diligent care that they deserve was clearly evident to me.  That alone was well worth the $200 fee. That was priceless to me.

But you can also add to that the fact that we haven't had an audiologist in Fort McMurray for several years now. Previously, I've had to travel 5h to get an audiogram. The process to get my hearing aid took three such trips. The inconvenience of taking extra time off work and the cost of the travel far outweighs Dr. Hilbert's fee.

I sincerely hope that Dr. Hilbert continues to operate his clinic in Fort McMurray so that other people can benefit from being one of his patients. The convenience of having Dr. Hilbert offer his services in Fort McMurray combined with the thorough and passionate care that he provides is exactly what we need in Fort McMurray.

 I truly appreciate your passion... thank you so much!


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