Hearing Aid Tip Sheet

This is a resource from CBC Television's Marketplace Website.

1. Know your coverage: Hearing aids are expensive, but there are various insurance and government assistance plans that may help cover some of the cost of your hearing aids.

2. Ensure your provider understands your needs. With hundreds of different hearing aids on the market, your provider needs to understand your hearing loss to best fit your hearing aids. Explain what your typical day is like and the situations where you have difficulty hearing.

3. Shop around. It's difficult to compare hearing aid prices without visiting your local provider's office. Ask about prices as the same hearing aid can be sold at a difference of thousands depending on where you buy.

4. Understand what you've paid for. Some hearing aid invoices don't list the services that come with your hearing aids. Make sure you understand exactly which services and accessories you have paid for.

5. Set realistic expectations. Hearing aids do not restore hearing loss. Talk with your provider to understand the ways hearing aids can benefit you.

6. Bring someone along. It's helpful for a friend or relative to come with you when buying a hearing aid. They can ask additional questions and help explain your hearing loss to your provider.

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